Announcing Kluster’s $1m Funding Round

Kluster announces a $1m investment from VCs Newable and SuperSeed, alongside Cognism CEO James Isilay, and angel group The announcement comes in the same week as GoCardless signed up as their latest client. Two years since their AI platform went live, Kluster have raised the funds to capitalise on surging demand for revenue analytics... Continue Reading →

How to Measure Success in Sales Operations

Sales operations is in a state of evolution. As it adapts and finds its feet,a key question is: how do we measure success in this role and how is the sales operations department held accountable? We asked sales operations leaders how they measure success in their roles. Julian Harris, Senior Manager of Corporate development and... Continue Reading →

Interview with Julian Harris, Senior Manager, Corporate Development & Strategy,

I had looked forward to this interview. And as expected, I was impressed by the incredible breadth of expertise and knowledge that Julian Harris had to offer. From looking at account scoring to developing accurate forecasting methods, Julian is clearly a forward-thinking, strategically orientated, and well-versed member of our sales ops community. After explaining how... Continue Reading →

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