The Sales Manager’s Guide to Data-Driven One-On-Ones

Ah, the sales one-on-one. Where the managerial and sales worlds seamlessly align. These meetings provide effortless clarity on performance, robust development plans, and follow up steps that are implemented from the moment the two parties leave the room with a spring in their step. Wait. What about the last-minute spreadsheet compilations? Recklessly fast calculations to... Continue Reading →

6 Tips for Your First Sales Operations Role

Anais Bernard, Commercial Operations Director at Vision Critical shares her 6 top tips for new Sales Operations Professionals. Wherever you come from, be it Finance, Sales, Consulting, or even fresh from university, if you’ve landed your first Sales Operations job – congratulations to you! The scope of Sales Operations can be broad. In short, I... Continue Reading →

The Digital Transformation of Sales Operations

Cornelia Klose, Global Sales Operations Manager at Mailjet shares her account of the growing importance of Sales Operations and how, in a world where data is becoming the most important commodity, Sales Operations Leaders are facing a fundamental digital transformation. Something inexorable is changing in the Sales Ops world. When I started my first Sales... Continue Reading →

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