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Success Story

Power up Your Forecasting with Kluster: The Re-Leased Success Story

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Say goodbye to data chaos and hello to seamless forecasting with Kluster. Just like we did for Re-Leased, we can help you unify your data into one crystal-clear view, making forecasting as smooth as a summer breeze.

We invite you to watch Re-Leased's success story. Discover how they transformed their revenue operations by harnessing the power of Kluster, optimizing their strategy, and skyrocketing their efficiency.

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Success Story: Re-Leased's Forecasting Revolution with Kluster

Transforming Revenue Operations through Unified Analytics

Ben Travers, head of Revenue Operations at Re-Leased, alongside CFO Sam Coulton and Strategic Account Director Sam Howie, share their transformative journey with Kluster, a journey that has reshaped their approach to forecasting and analytics, enabling a more efficient, unified view of their business operations.


Before Kluster: A Time-Consuming Process

Re-Leased faced significant challenges with their forecasting processes, characterized by disparate reporting and manual efforts. Weekly forecasts were labor-intensive, requiring extensive data extraction from Salesforce, analysis in Excel, and manual input from team members. This process consumed up to three-quarters of a day each week, a considerable drain on resources and efficiency.


The Kluster Solution: Efficiency and Insight

The adoption of Kluster marked a turning point for Re-Leased. Kluster's platform provided a single interface that aggregated all necessary data, transforming hours of manual work into a task accomplished at the push of a button. This not only streamlined the forecasting process but also enabled a consistent view of metrics across the team, fostering better individual and collective performance insights.


Impact on the Team: Empowerment and Time Savings

The implementation of Kluster offered Re-Leased's sales leaders and representatives a comprehensive view of the pipeline, deal health, and key performance indicators. This visibility allowed for proactive adjustments and strategic planning, essential for quarterly and annual goal attainment. The platform's user-friendly interface facilitated quick understanding and action on critical data, significantly reducing time spent on gathering and analyzing information.


Strategic Advantages: Proactive Planning and Communication

CFO Sam Coulton highlighted a fundamental shift in forecasting capabilities with Kluster. Previously focused on reporting past events, Re-Leased can now anticipate future trends, allowing for timely strategic adjustments and clear communication about upcoming quarters. This foresight and preparation have been crucial in maintaining financial health and strategic direction.


Conclusion: A Future-Proof Solution for Revenue Growth

Re-Leased's partnership with Kluster has not only streamlined their forecasting and reporting processes but also empowered their team with actionable insights, saved considerable time and effort, and facilitated strategic planning and communication. As a result, Re-Leased stands as a testament to the transformative power of Kluster's analytics and forecasting solutions, ready to tackle future challenges and drive continued business growth.


We help you build your revenue strategy


Kluster aids in strategic sales planning by providing robust data analytics, empowering you to set realistic targets and devise strategies to meet them.

Pipeline Management

Uncover real-time insights into your sales funnel with Kluster's pipeline management feature, enabling informed decisions to progress leads effectively.


Leveraging sophisticated algorithms and your historical data, Kluster delivers precise sales forecasts, helping you anticipate revenue trends and manage expectations.


Convey key sales metrics in an easily digestible format with the reporting feature from Kluster, promoting a deeper understanding of performance and actionable insights.

Board Meetings

Communicate effectively during board meetings with clear, concise, and reliable sales data delivered by Kluster, making it easier to highlight your team's achievements and future plans.

Strategic Decisions

Make informed strategic decisions with comprehensive, data-driven insights into sales performance and market trends, a benefit provided by Kluster.