Interview with Zandi Kleynhans, Head of Business Development Corporate at Pearson Institute of Higher Education

Zandi Kleynhans from the Pearson Institute of Higher Education believes that implementing upselling and cross-selling processes into sales operations can lead to higher efficiency across a sales team and better customer experience. Zandi joined me all the way from Cape Town to share her fascinating research into this topic. Rory Brown (RB): Hi Zandi, thanks... Continue Reading →

Interview with Jeremey Donovan, Head of Sales Strategy & Sales Operations at SalesLoft

With a vast experience in marketing, sales, new product development, market research and acquisitions in both the semiconductor industry and information services Jeremey Donovan's wealth of information and experience made for a fascinating and thorough interview. Now the Head of Sales and Sales Operations at leading sales engagement platform, SalesLoft, and published author, Jeremey explains... Continue Reading →

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