Plodding Pipeline

Many of us look to get a strong forecast steer based on a weighted stage model. The idea being that if we have £100k at stage "negotiation" and our weighting is 40% we're good for £40k, right? Not necessarily. We need to start breaking our pipeline down, not by stage but by category, and then... Continue Reading →

Mastering the sales curve

What’s Your Sales Curve? Everyone has a curve. Mastering it is what gives you the edge. Your sales curve represents the pattern with which you tend to sell, over your reporting period – typically a month or a quarter. Assuming you work over a month (although this is equally applicable to longer periods), your sales... Continue Reading →

Funnel Conversion Rate

I’ll begin by stating that the next three posts are simple posts. Posts that will detail only three key metrics and will explain exactly why these little beauties could keep you busy with revenue-defining initiatives to infinity and beyond (Buzz Lightyear, 1995). We Europeans are still fairly fresh on our journey into data-driven insights. Yet,... Continue Reading →

Tailored Outreach

It only takes a brief early morning scroll through LinkedIn and you’ll see an “is cold calling dead?” post which, naturally, leads to further debate around the most effective prospecting methods. For now, I’ll steer well clear of this discourse as it’s entirely subjective.    Rather, in this series, I’ll discuss my most effective methods for initial outreach & the opportunities that I subsequently create as a result. What works, what... Continue Reading →

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