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Success Stories

Cognism + Kluster

"Kluster allows me to clearly explain the future of my business to the board"

James Isilay, CEO Cognism

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Cognism's Explosive Growth with Kluster

Cognism, led by CEO James Isilay, harnessed Kluster to redefine their revenue intelligence and forecasting, helping boost their ARR from $8 million to $70 million.

James Isilay, CEO and co-founder of Cognism, shares a compelling story of transformation and growth powered by Kluster. Cognism, a leading B2B sales intelligence company, specializes in helping clients identify their next best customer through accurate and clean data collection, coupled with tools for effective data activation and CRM integration.

Key Challenges 

Faced with the complexities of differentiating between sales bookings and revenue, and the critical task of conveying future expectations to the board, Cognism turned to Kluster in 2019. At that time, the company's Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) stood at $8 million. Fast forward to the present, and their ARR has skyrocketed to $70 million, a testament to Kluster's substantial impact on their sales strategy and execution.

Why Kluster

Isilay emphasizes the importance of having an accessible, easy-to-use tool that doesn't just facilitate data analysis but also enhances communication with the board through insightful updates. Kluster's ability to integrate seamlessly into Cognism's existing sales technology stack, providing clear, actionable insights into the sales pipeline, has been a game-changer. This integration has not only streamlined operations but also significantly improved sales performance.

The Benefits

A crucial aspect of Cognism's success story is the strategic integration of Kluster and the emphasis on setting clear expectations for the board and investors. Avoiding surprises and maintaining transparency has been key to building trust and confidence. Isilay points out that as the CRM market expands and revenue operations become more sophisticated, insights derived from CRM systems will become increasingly valuable. Kluster, along with technologies like Cognism that enhance data quality, are at the forefront of this evolution, driving more effective pipeline management and healthier revenue growth.

Looking Forward

Cognism's journey with Kluster reflects a partnership that has not only facilitated rapid growth but also positioned the company at the cutting edge of sales intelligence and revenue forecasting. As both fields continue to evolve, Cognism and Kluster are well-equipped to lead the charge, transforming data into actionable insights and fostering sustainable growth.