Know Your Ratios

This week's tip is nice and simple. Know your ratios. Understanding the conversion ratios for each stage of our sales process AND for each salesperson is crucial for three reasons: Planning and projecting Spotting drops in performance Identifying areas for improvement Each of our salespeople work differently. They have various individual strengths and weaknesses and... Continue Reading →

Pipeline Composition

I'm no Mozart, but over the years I've learnt a thing or two about the importance of deal composition in the sales pipeline. In particular, when it comes to submitting a credible and reliable forecast to the powers that be. Initially, there are three key considerations when looking at pipeline composition: Deal Value - Too... Continue Reading →

Pipeline Creation not Curation

Across the land, Sales & Sales Ops Leaders still talk about pipeline coverage. "5x this...", "7x that...". Fine. But if we're honest with ourselves, we know all too well that it’s the fresh juicy new pipeline and the consistency with which we create it that makes forecasting and hitting target so much easier. It's a... Continue Reading →

Plodding Pipeline

Many of us look to get a strong forecast steer based on a weighted stage model. The idea being that if we have £100k at stage "negotiation" and our weighting is 40% we're good for £40k, right? Not necessarily. We need to start breaking our pipeline down, not by stage but by category, and then... Continue Reading →

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