The Lost Art of Sales Referrals

The art of sales referrals is under-utilised in B2B sales. Everywhere you look there’s a referral opportunity, and it’s a goldmine. In fact, a company’s chance of closing an opportunity can even leap from 18% to 69% when a referral is involved (data from Kluster clients). Furthermore, sales referrals are often pigeon-holed into 'customer' and... Continue Reading →

Tailored Sales Outreach

It only takes a brief early morning scroll through LinkedIn and you’ll see an “is cold calling dead?” post which, naturally, leads to further debate around the most effective prospecting methods. For now, I’ll steer well clear of this discourse as it’s entirely subjective.    Rather, in this series, I’ll discuss my most effective tailored sales outreach methods and the opportunities that I subsequently create as a result. What works, what... Continue Reading →

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