Sales Operations Best Practices

Sales operations is so much more than just the team who provides reporting. It's a multi-faceted job that involves liaising with many people across the organisation, strategising, enabling salespeople and more. We spoke to our community of sales operations leaders to find out what the best practices are that make up this role. 1. Get... Continue Reading →

How to Measure Success in Sales Operations

Sales operations is in a state of evolution. As it adapts and finds its feet, a key question is: how do we measure success in this role and how is the sales operations department held accountable? We asked sales operations leaders how they measure success in their roles. Brandon Bussey, Director of Revenue Operations, Lucid... Continue Reading →

6 Tips for Your First Sales Operations Role

Anais Bernard, Commercial Operations Director at Vision Critical shares her 6 top tips for new Sales Operations Professionals. Wherever you come from, be it Finance, Sales, Consulting, or even fresh from university, if you’ve landed your first Sales Operations job – congratulations to you! The scope of Sales Operations can be broad. In short, I... Continue Reading →

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