Has Video Killed the Phone Star? The Rise of Video Prospecting

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Recently I was asked by a VP Sales what my thoughts are on video prospecting.

As such, I’ll use this post to share why I would argue that video is the most powerful prospecting weapon at your disposal.

Why is video prospecting so powerful?

My reasoning is threefold. Firstly, it demonstrates to the prospect that your approach has been carefully crafted & personalised. The second reason is the phenomenal impact it has on the efficiency of the subsequent sales process. Finally, it gives you the opportunity to show off.

Personalised outreach

Let’s begin with the first element. Not only will the prospect appreciate the time you’ve taken to create a video, they’ll be acutely aware you aren’t sending these videos to a thousand people. You’re targeting them for a clear reason and, providing they click on that video, they’ll watch and listen intently.

Furthermore, you can easily repurpose your video. How many times have you been sent a follow-up email along the lines of “Hey, just checking you got my email?” How much better does this sound: “Hi Tom, I noticed you didn’t watch the personalised video I sent you last week. Here’s why I contacted you in particular: xxxx”? (You can read more of my outreach email tips in this post.)

The facts speak for themselves

In sales these days, data is king. While results will vary from company to company, the outcomes at Kluster speak for themselves. In 2018 my win rate from opportunities sourced by video was 12% higher than any other source, and they also had the quickest average sales cycle length. I’d argue this is due to the level of trust that a video affords you immediately. This connection is tough to replicate through a cold call where a prospect’s immediate reaction is often to raise the defences.

Get creative

Finally, video offers you the flexibility to show off. You can experiment with everything from just speaking to the camera, to showing aspects of your proposition and how they’d benefit that particular prospect.

For many young SaaS companies, the hardest part of the journey is to get your product in front of potential buyers. Here’s the perfect opportunity to give them a sneak peek and leave them wanting more.

Video prospecting tools

Fortunately for us, there are plenty of video prospecting platforms out there to get you started with video. Vidyard is the market-leader in this space, but watch out for the exciting, Copenhagen-based TwentyThree who are hot on their heels.

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